Roleplay Social Refugees
You can find members or roleplayers from the old roleplay social sites, or roleplayisours here. If you were a member, feel free to join and find your friends.
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Fantasy World Roleplay
The Fantasy World Roleplay group is a roleplay group set in a fictional fantasy world, where goblins, dragons, thieves, vampires, demons, and more roam free in lands of kings, queens, lies and love. 
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This is a group for profile codes and group codes. Customize the world of aniroleplay to your heart's desire! 
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Bebo Roleplayers
If you were once a bebo roleplayer, this is the group for you. You can find other bebo roleplayers in here.
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Dragon Ball
For fans and roleplayers of the dragon ball franchise and universe. 
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Fantasy Roleplay
In this magical land, you can be whatever magical creature you want. You can let your imagination go wild! Rules1. No Sexual role-playing2. Only minor swearing3. Have Fun If you follow this i will add you to the role-play chat.
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In a world where humans are protected by beings known as Rapiers with strange weapons known as Shinkai they are based on phenomenal presence but there are evil beings who are known to devour human souls to gain strength these beings are known as Akuma's warriors that were meant to protect the gates ...
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Forest of Wandering Spirits
"If you wander in without a thought, you could get lost forever and become another one of the wandering spirits." The forest of wandering spirits is enchanted with a mysterious power that causes most who venture inside to get lost, wandering until their bodies die and their souls become permanent r...
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DatChrisBoiMan's NPC Club
All my NPCS will be here. Some may roleplay/respond here to stop by to say hello. It will list all available NPCS as well with a full list.
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City of flames
(credit to hardnox757 of deviantart for the orginal art, and credit to me for editing it.) Fresh meat for the grinder, Finally! We're going to have so much fun together, we will plan out raids, kill people, and lay waste to the streets of berlin. Why do we do this? To eventually take over berlin pi...
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Dark Forest
Welcome to the Dark Forest. A land filled with evil where heros will arise to save the people from the monster with in the forest. Each of these people have their own element They must protect the village and destroy this creature together..
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Horror roleplayers
For the horror lovers on this siteall are welcome (creepypasta and SCP will be included)
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